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Independent evaluation report

This independent evaluation was recently undertaken by Progress Health Partnerships, and shows key insights into the programme's impact and stakeholder testimonials.

Progress so far

2,132 video consultations have been carried out since June 2018, including 1,020 MUR reviews. This has saved over 1,757 face-to-face visits, 200 hours of driving time, 750 miles of unnecessary driving, whilst also making an impact
on non-elective re-admissions into hospital. Moreover, data gathered in a recent independent evaluation of the
pilot suggests that the programme has also positively impacted on; patient consultation time, overall workload
efficiencies,  access to care services, overall quality, equity of care, patient/clinician safety, and patient

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TB nurse specialists using video consultation

Kim Brazier and her team of TB nurse specialists at Burton Hospital in Burton-on-Trent have been creatively using video as a way of improving patient care and organisational effectiveness. This video discusses this in more detail and gives context by way of an example of a video observed consultation with a problematic TB patient

Minutes from 2nd video consultation pilot workshop

These were the minutes recorded at the second video consultation pilot workshop, on 4th October 2018. What a great session, with insights that would have otherwise been left unseen


Update on how video consultation is being used by healthcare professionals

An interesting article that details the ways in which video consultation is being used by healthcare professionals. From direct video calls from GPs to hospitals, to clinicians video calling regular patients and residents in care homes

North Staffordshire Combines Healthcare NHS Trust joins the pilot!

Dr Rebecca Chubb and her team are now supporting participants in our GP IT pilot through video. NSCHT can now Skype care homes to offer a range of support for patients with dementia.

This is another fantastic example of how we are opening new doors for new ways of working, and delivering quality healthcare 

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The doctor will virtually see you now – how one ‘forward-thinking’ GP surgery is embracing technology

This is a great article about how a forward thinking practice is embracing and exploring the use of new technology, and video consultation

Making Digital Healthcare Happen in Practice Practical Handbook

This guide explores the emerging technologies which have been shown to support patient care and considers the potential operational challenges of embracing new technology.

Technical adoption requires more than just new digital solutions. True digital transformation will only be realised with strong clinical leadership and a culture shift in the way we deliver care, a shift toward a real partnership between the patient and clinician.

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